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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Final Countdown

A few weeks from now and I will embark on my 4th year in college. Supposedly my last year. But because of enjoying the world a little too much, I am extended for another year. So. Two more years. Two more years and then what? I don't really know. I'd be living my own life, I guess.

Looking Forward:
I have a lot of dreams actually. I want to get married and have kids. I want to work and be able to provide for my family. I want my kids to grow up knowing the most important people in my life. I want to be the most amazing mother in the world. I want to have a job that I love, a job that I will never get tired of doing. I want to learn to cook, so I can cook for the man I love and also for my kids. I want to learn to cook so we can invent recipes in our kitchen together. I want our dream house to become real.

I want to stay with you forever, Henry Mark Binahon. I want to fall asleep beside you every day of my life, and wake up in the morning with you still beside me. I want to kiss you goodnight and goodmorning. I want to make you smile every single day of your life. I want all our dreams and our plans to become true. I want to continue loving you until we're too old to remember anything except our feelings for one another.

I want my kids to become close to the kids of Aryan, Jizza, Kyel, Sam, my brods and sisses, and orgmates and Area51/Impound people. I want to stay connected with all of them. I want my children to go to UPLB where they will mature and where they will meet the love of their lives.

I want to be someone that I can be proud of.

Looking at the coming year:
It is the final countdown of most of my friends, after this year, they will be in the wild. In the real world. And while I still have two years to go, I will make the most of it, to prepare myself for whatever comes next.

They say you can't have it all. I don't know why I even bother trying.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

a toast

A toast to 2009: a year of many memories, of many losses and gains, of friendships and loves, a year of learning. So here's to you 2009..

Here's to haircuts and how great they make one feel.
to celebrating the first year anniversary with your boyfriend who you will later break up with.
to playing computer games with fellow amigas.
to wearing tsinelas almost all year round.
to being politically aware.
to joining protests and rallies.
to standing up and fighting for what you believe in.
to losing Area51 and transferring to Impound and realizing the true meaning of tropa.
to responsibilities.
to new found talents.
to expectations and to how one should never expect.
to break-ups and friendships still kept.
to barkada reunions.
to barkada sleepovers.
to barkada gimmicks.
to barkadas.
to MS, a group of girls who after all these years and petty fights are still always there.
(Ihsa, Irish, Kae, Aryan, Sandra, Nyka)
to the DotA Amigas, a group of unique girls who are always there for you no matter what you do, no matter who you fall for and no matter how evil your plans are.
(Aryan, Jizza, Kate, Yim)
to thinking you know who to trust.
to being betrayed.
to thinking you were in love again.
to taking summer classes.
to making new friends and enemies during the summer.
to making big decisions.
to weighing your priorities.
to joining a sorority.
to sorority girls.
to my sorority sisters and fraternity brothers: UP Theta Epsilon Sorority and Kappa Epsilon Fraternity: Thank you for a wonderful year and thank you for all the lessons.
to starting the new school year with a lot of load at once.
to parties.
to drinking.
to vices and the bonding that goes with them.
to workshops.
to secrets.
to celebrating the first anniversary of SIGNALS '08.
(Lulu, Hazelle, Kate, Lybie, Bea, Dave, Benj, Sosep, JM, Vince)
to Signals '08 and the entire UPLB DevComSoc.
to batch unity.
to walking up Forestry during midnight.
to crying over movies.
to tears and to laughter that can come at the same time but often not.
to boredom.
to travelling.
to being haggard and being pressured and still coming out alive.
to surviving.
to tanlines on arms and feet.
to failures and getting back up again.
to having a new boyfriend that takes care of you the best.
(Henry Mark Binahon. MISS NA KITA.)
to living away from my parents and grandparents.
to part time jobs.
to debates and to tests and to self-confidence.
to high school reunions and to reminiscing.
to sleepless nights because of too much work.
to sleepless nights just because you want to stay awake.
to learning that friendship doesn't have to be so close-distance.
to learning that you can do it if you just put your mind to it.
to having more belief in oneself and to being a person you can respect.
to respect.
to self-fulfillment and to accomplishments.
to death and how it brings people together.
to losses.
to gains.
to winning.
to losing.
to acceptance.
to friendship.
to sisterhood.
to LOVE.

to ending the year on a happy note.
to 2009.

Power. Responsibility.
(Toy Kingdom, Mall of Asia, December 2009)

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

the right part

There's something nice about knowing that I'm not the only one who doesn't fit the part.


My Sister's Keeper

This made me cry. A LOT.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas :)

Here's something to think about this Christmas. Hmmm.

Happy Birthday Jesus. :)

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

what vacation does to me

What vacation does to me is horrible. I start to think a lot. I start to miss people. I get restless. Just to get this off my chest, here are the things I miss the most.

I miss the tamabayans of devcomsoc and KE/ThE.
I miss Sir JP's class.
I miss walking around campus on windy days.
I miss Monday Club.
I miss Wednesday Girls.
I miss Ministop's ice cream.
I miss foodtripping.
I miss the proven in Raymundo.
I miss sleeping in the CDC Annexes.
I miss the pressure of submitting a paper on time.
I miss Ristretto days with Jizza and Aryan.
I miss DotA days with my amigas.
I miss inuman sessions with my brods and sisses.
I miss Signals '08.
I miss the laundrygirl who does my laundry.

I miss sleeping next to you and waking up with your face being the first thing I see every morning :(

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Monday, December 21, 2009

my 2009. :)

Kung akala ko dati ang tanda ko na, nako. May itatanda pa pala ako. Dahil 2009 was the year I turned 18! Yes, legal na sa wakas. I thought na wala nang tatalo sa 2007 and 2008 ko. But I was wrong. Haha. Sure enough, 2009 topped the past years.

And here are the highlights of this amazing year. :)

Syempre, why not start the year with a new look? Hehe. After having my waist-length hair cut last September 2008 until above my shoulders, I went for an even shorter, even funkier and even more chic hairstyle.

Then the Baguio Field trip with my Devcomsoc Batchmates plus King and Chin was an awesome experience too. We went to see the Panagbenga festival, we sang songs in the van, we took amazing photographs and we bonded for three days straight. Haay. I will never get tired of them. :)

Winning as the College Representative for the College of Development Communication was no easy victory. Sure enough, this provided a lot of challenges for me within the year. I also became more active and more aware of issues inside and outside the campus.

Joining a sorority was something I have always wanted to do since high school. Something was always just holding me back. College came and I felt the urge even more and finally, I joined the UP Theta Epsilon Sorority. :)

Signals '08 celebrated our first anniversary as members of the UPLB DEVCOMSOC. We went to Enchanted Kingdom and had a month-long celebration filled with midnight walks and drinking escapades. :)

Making Waves 2009 and the 37th Anniversary of UPLB DEVCOMSOC was a tiring but fulfilling way to end the year. We'll always be on top of the odds. :)

Area51 closed down but we found a new place: IMPOUND. Different place, different management, but still the same best group of friends and gamers. :)

Ihsa came back for a visit but also left. But not before having some super bonding moments and talks enough to last until her next visit. :)

At syempre, 2009 was also the year I met Mr. Henry Mark Q. Binahon. Weee! Eto super highlight talaga! Hehe. Gusto niyo malaman paano ako patawanin at pasayahin? Tanong niyo siya, pero I doubt hindi niyo parin magagawa as well as he does. :) Hindi ko rin naman inexpect na magkakaboyfriend ulit ako pero diba nga, kaya dapat hindi tayo nageexpect, para may surprises tayo. :) I'm one happy girl ngayon dahil sakanya. Sorry cheeeeesy. Haha. I love you :)

Few more highlights:
*finally moving out from my grandparents' house and experiencing college life at its best. :)
*heading the Program Committee for Making Waves 2009
*a lot of ups and downs during the middle of the year but everything's still intact.
*becoming an Elder for ThE Sorority :)
*my constant weight gain and loss.haha!
*riding on a truck with my sisses plus Mark and Arjay and a bunch of strangers because the water was waist-high during Ondoy. :)))

Andami rin pala highlights ng 2009 ko. Haha. Sobra pa sa inexpect. So once again, wag nga magexpect. Haha! Pero seriously, isa ito sa pinaka eventful and dramatic years. Or maybe, parang napansin ko, as the years go by, each becomes more and more eventful.

I can't wait to see what 2010 will bring us. :)

taken during the Signals '08 Enchanted Kingdom expedition

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out of boredom

i miss blogging. i realized that just this Christmas vacation when I found myself online almost 24/7 doing nothing except Facebooking. Haha. I realized I missed blogging after 2 years. Wow. Then I thought "Why not create a new blog? Start from scratch? Since I've changed a lot, why not? New me, newer blog."

Guess what.
I chickened out.

I knew I can never update that new blog when school starts again on January. God, when I was an avid blogger with THREE blogs, was I really that bored? Did I really have nothing to do? That sucks. While now, I am probably one of the busiest girls on campus being part of the University Student Council, an academic organization and a sorority.

Maybe, just maybe, I miss blogging because deep down inside me, I am still a writer. When nothing left to do, I write. And I miss having blogs available for me to write in anytime. It's sad isn't it? Blogging used to be my life. And now, I just blog to cure my boredom.

And now. Gone is the emo template. And here now, is one of blogspot's basic templates. Why not go back to basics? :) I had the courage to delete my two blogs. I don't know why I can't delete this one. Probably just so I can always have something to hold on to.

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